Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gold Coast

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Speed and Cars

I have not met one person that can say that they don't like cars.  The 'Fast and the Furious' films are huge not only because of the story, actors, etc... it's because people love speed and cars.  

People who have seen my work/gallery know that I shoot a lot photographs of cars.  Many of these photographs are taken at auto shows, streets, and car dealerships.  One of my favorite locations I always tend to visit when I go downtown Chicago is a dealership called Bentley Gold Coast (it's a couple of blocks away from the Water Tower Place).  Looking at these exotic cars out in the street here really is something else. The atmosphere is great in this area. I really can't say the same to other dealerships I've ever been to.  You will be seeing lots of photographs from this spot in the future.

For those that follow my in this blog, you'll see some exclusive work that I don't post in other of my social media sites. Stay tune!

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