Monday, May 6, 2013

Artist Feature I

Artist Feature #1

I am proud to present my very first artist feature.  This artist's name is Erin Serrano, she started doing photography since she was in high school.  7 years later I find out that she is taking photography more serious and is making a comeback with her passion and love for photography. This is what she told me, 'I love capturing every moment I can because you only get to live it once'.

So here are a few of her photographs; everyone has different styles and it's always great to see other artists work.  It's great to see other artist's work because it can help you get inspired, stay motivated, etc. I really hope you all enjoy looking at her wonderful work.  I want to thank Erin for accepting the honor to be the very first feature.  

You can follow Erin in any of her following pages!


"I love capturing every moment I can because  you only get to live it once" 
                                            - Erin Serrano

®Erin Serrano Photography. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Amazing pictures. I love that sayin. You do only get to live it once.

    1. Thanks for commenting Omar, yeah I've seen Erin grow her skills/talents in her photography. And she really stands by her quote.