Thursday, July 25, 2013

Project Windy Storm Teaser Video Overview

Director's Point of View

Here is my long overdue overview of what I personally thought about my teaser video, film shooting, and everything else.  First of all, I am very happy with my 50mm lens that I have purchased early this year.  I've done research and a 50mm lens is supposed to be the lens that is used most to shoot professional video and by professional I mean the Hollywood filming type.  I was really excited to see what I can shoot with this thing.

As I started shooting lots of film, it felt great! I really wanted to show the world what I see when I head out downtown.  After looking through all the video I filmed, I noticed that there's lots of shaky cam.  I was disappointed by this because it looks like a amateur home video.  This I would say was my biggest failure!  I was kind of discouraged to continue this project afterwards for awhile, but then I realized I can learn from failure.  I am hoping that someday I invest in equipment to shoot steady video in a professional level.  

Enough about failure and let's talk about what worked.  There were times when I did carry my tripod and the results were phenomenal.  The best shoot I believe was when I went out to this auto show. In this auto show there was a motorcycle event and I got super close to capture the action.  There was a moment when the motorcycle was literally like a foot away from touching my camera…yeah it was stupid of me because I could've gotten my camera broken, but it was well worth the shot I took! This was my overall success of my project so far.

Editing is always a difficult process.  I tried to tie in video clips that were closely related to each other. For example, I wanted to transition all the city clips together and then all the vehicle clips, etc.  I believe I did a decent job at doing this part of the video.  Like I said, I was kind of disappointed with my shooting so I was limited with what I wanted to do in the editing process.  I chose the song for the video because one: Chicago based artist, two: I wanted a very short song for the teaser, three: wanted to send a message to all my family, close friends, and everyone who were close to me… a message saying thanks for being in my life and I'll always remember and miss all those good times.  

Thanks again everyone for watching and for all your support! I have tons of shooting for this project, so you might not see another video again for a very long time. So stay tune!

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