Monday, August 5, 2013

Artist and Business Feature VI

Artist and Business Feature #6

I would like to present Brandie Gonzales, she is a beginner in the art field who has a bright future ahead of her.  Her creative work includes painting, drawing, photography, wood burning art, poems and much more!  I have been watching her work and she reminds me of myself when I was younger in my early days of creativity.  Below are the the top artwork's I chose from her gallery.  If you enjoy what you see, then mask sure to check out the rest of her gallery/work.

She is also working with her mom in a small business her mom has started.  They sell homemade goat milk soaps, these all natural soaps won't leave your skin all dry, itchy, or destroy your skin cells like most soaps that you buy at stores. So if you have any problems with major brands of soaps, check out these goat milk soaps. They also sell other homemade products that may be an interest for you.  


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