Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Artist Feature X

Artist Feature #10

I would like to present Hankó Renáta-Dalma for Artist Feature X. I met this artist in DeviantArt. From what I remember, she added one of my photographs as a favorite and so I always try to check out the gallery of those people who take the time to look at my artwork/add as a favorite. I'm glad that I did check out her gallery because her work is one of the rare ones that gets me inspired and raises my motivation to improve my own work.  Her macro photography is one of my favorites in her gallery and she captures these shots with such amazing depth of field. The dreamy and cinematic atmosphere that she creates in these shots are very well professionally done in my opinion.  The editing in her photography is her signature style and she should be very proud how far she has come with it.  I have no doubt that she will be an accomplished photographer in her future and I wish her the best of luck!

I had a chance to to have a small brief interview with her and this is what she had to say...

Q: Everyone has a story for why they create art, what's yours? 

HRD: First and foremost I create art to express my personal thoughts and feelings. It gives me an inner satisfaction, as if by making an image I can show little by little the world around me, the way I see it. Telling a story and making people think, "what’s the meaning behind this?” is what drives me forward.

Q: Do you have a favorite art medium(photoshop, drawing, painting, photograph, etc.) ?

HRD: Not entirely. As a kid I used to sketch, paint, draw, craft everything beside doing my homework ☺ But in the digital work I first started as a photo manipulator. Photoshop was my best friend and my ally. Along this path I started refining my photography skills, and from one day to another I fell in love with it. Sadly I left photomanipulating a little behind, but I still use PS for most of my photography images. Making them resemble more and more to my inner vision. Some say that I exaggerate a bit, that my images can’t be considered photography because of the excessive editing I do… well, I don’t care! Photography is a form of art, and art has no boundaries.

Q: From your humble beginning as an amateur photographer, I've seen how your photography improved dramatically at a professional level. How did you learn so much and increase your talents/skills?

I guess everybody starts their photographic journey in the backyard of their houses taking shots of flowers and insects! So did I. I embraced nature, I spent most of my spare time there, taking pictures of everything that lives and/or moves. I knew the rules of how to compose a picture, but most of them simply came without thinking, naturally.

Then, after a while I got to experience the beauty of still life photography, it opened up a new world in front of me. My priority became searching new and unique surroundings, objects and angles. But as all things come to an end, so did this! I started questioning myself, is this the best you can do?- this is when I decided that my new object is going to be me (myself) and my new medium - what else? - conceptual images! I can guarantee you that this is the manna of photography.

But, answering your question, the key to increase forward is questioning yourself. Always be your worst critic!

Q: As an artist, do you have any dreams and goals you want to achieve?

HRD: I haven’t thought about it. For the time being I have to concentrate on my studies, therefore I lose quality time with my camera ;) But still, the moment I’m done with my studies for the day I start thinking about the next concept that I want to illustrate. Trying something new every once in a while.
The recipe is simple: keep dreaming, inspire yourself from your surroundings, favorite music, true friends. Grab your camera and discover the world throughout its lens. May light be with you! Cuz’ that’s the essence of every photograph!

I've become a fan of her work and you can too by following her in any of her pages/galleries!


"Making people think, "what’s the meaning behind this?” is what drives me forward."

                                               - Hankó Renáta-Dalma 

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